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Product Advantages

● E-Shine having variable range model of Rubber Machines and all build it in House 

● E-shine also provided Custom make Rubber Machine accordingly to Customer requirement and specification

● E-Shine strictly control the quality professionally by experienced Quality Control Personnel and Management team  members

● Mission and Service is “Quality Machines with Prompt and timely Deliveries"

Professional-Cold Runner Rubber Injection Machine of Special Features

● Contrast of waste materials :

   The slide plate is kept at constant temperature range of 60℃~80℃ and therefore avoids rubber materials to be wasted   inside the mold and injector head.

● Contrast of Mold:

   Only easy alternations are required to change injection mold. And if it is an open mold, simply one injector mold plate   setup is needed to achieve the best result.

● Contrast of mold installation:

   A regular machine mold can be used on a Cold Runner Rubber Injection Machine directly with no cooler pipe installation needed.
● Contrast of produce products :

   Any rubber products from a regular machine can be produced with a Cold Runner Rubber Injection Machine.
● Contrast of saving materials:

   Compared to a regular machine, the Cold Rubber Injection Machine can save around 30cc of rubber material every mold   press.

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