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Special Features

1. Main body:

Spherical graphite iron FCD50 is age-passivated to have high tensile strength and toughness.

2. Hydraulic cylinder ram:

Made of high CR white cast iron and milled to a tolerance within 0.02mm.

3. Auxiliary hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder for loading/unloading the mold:

3-1. Hydraulic cylinder: adopting STKM-13 seamless steel cylinder and S45C precision machined piston.

3-2. Oil seals of hydraulic and auxiliary cylinder are adopting Japanese NOK oil seals.

3-3. Characteristics: durable, abrasion and temperature resistant.

4. Oil seal:

All shaft oil seals are packing and using Germany made UGD/J .

5. Vertical post:

Medium carbon steel is hard chromium treated to reach hardness HRC 55 to 58.

6. Rail for in/out molds:

The sliding plate surface is made of S45C, which is processed through ion-nitride, enables smooth sliding in/out molds and prolongs lifespan.

7. Working table (upper/lower plates):

Working table and mold in/out plates are ion-nitride, and milled to achieve hardness HRC-58.3-59.2. Both upper and lower plates are made of S50C.

8. Electrical heater:

Electrical heater uses nickel-chromium alloy with stainless copper cladding, temperature accuracy within ±3℃.

9. Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic system is controlled via proportional pressure and flow ratio with a collective circuit design. The ascending/descending speed of the main cylinder can be adjusted within the range of 20mm/sec to-136mm/sec.

10. Surface precision:

Within 0.03mm.