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Your First Choice for Rubber Injection Machine - E-Shine

E-Shine Machinery Co., Ltd.

E-Shine Machinery is a professional rubber machine manufacturer specializing in the design and development of Rubber and Silicone Injection Machines, Vacuum Hot Press Machines, High-Speed Hot Press Machines, and other rubber machines. Produced with the highest quality and competitive prices, E-Shine machines have been sold all around the world.
Our highly-trained professionals handle every single step of the process, from R&D to after-sales service, to deliver comprehensive customer-focused solution. E-Shine manifests our belief in honest and efficient business practices by innovating and delivering the greatest value to our customers.

Company Vision

To become the leading machine manufacturer in the rubber products.

Company Mission

To become a sustainable business by contributing to society with honesty. 
To meet with market needs and develop for new types of machine by continually improbing.

Managerment Principles

1.Ensure the highest customer satisfaction by providing superlor machine and service ar competitive prices.
2.Work closely with our suppliers to faster a responsive and reliable supply chain that consistently, delivers high quality machines on time through continuous technological improvements.
3.Build a highly effective management team that delivers strong profits and growth to shareholders, improves the quality of life to emploees, and promotes environment sustainability.
4.To be recognized as the leading machine manufacturer for rubber products by constantly innovating and delivering value.

Quality Policy

Satisfy Customer         First Customer
Superior Quality          First Quality
Precise Technology     First E-Shine

Company Objective

P-Productivlity  Continually increasing working effeciaency
Q-Quality  100% guarnatee on machine
C-Cost  Continually reducing cost
D-Delivery  On time delivery
S-Safety  Decrease accident during working
M-Morals  High discipline working team

Corporate Value

Fast React immediately and solve question quickly.
Innovative Continuously developing and ceating. 
Responsible Everlasting Management, Responsible to society.
Satisfied Satisfaction to everybody, create win-win solutions.
Teamworking To March Forward Courageously.

Company Culture

Smile Always, Say Hi In The Morning
Say Goodbye Before Leaving, Support Each Other
Sympathetic, Speak Politely